A new wave of digital marketers is hoping to capitalize on the rise of the internet to grow their business.

The industry, which has been growing for years, has seen the rise in traffic and user-generated content.

Digital marketing and digital content, including ads, video, music, podcasts and social, is increasingly being leveraged to boost revenue and growth, according to data from the market research firm Digital Marketing 360.

The growth is attributed to an explosion of online shopping and social media, both of which are powered by apps like Pinterest, Spotify and Pinterest.

With all of this growth, some traditional businesses are finding it hard to stay relevant, said John T. Gaudet, chief digital officer at eMarketer.

He believes the industry needs to learn to be more strategic, to understand how to capitalize better on the opportunities that are out there and to embrace new ways to build brand loyalty.

“The big change is, there are so many different ways to monetize,” he said.

“The old way of doing it, you’re going to pay for it.

Now you can sell it to a company for less.

And you can do it in an entirely different way.”

The rise of new digital marketing tacticsThe new wave comes as digital marketers are facing a surge in traffic, according a new report from the consulting firm eMarket.

The average brand page views per user in the U.S. in 2017 was up 12% from 2016, while traffic to digital content was up 11% over the same time period.

Digital marketers are using a variety of tactics to increase engagement with their digital campaigns.

For example, marketers are offering digital coupons and promotions to attract more followers and fans.

Marketing is also using new social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Gaudet says digital marketers can also capitalize on content that is already being shared, such as tweets, videos and Facebook posts.

These posts are often linked to other stories or photos, which can be more engaging than traditional media, according eMarker.

In this new digital era, many businesses are seeing their budgets dwindle and their employees are looking for a new challenge.

Some are using digital marketing as an opportunity to cut costs and find ways to increase revenue.

For instance, digital marketers might be able to offer new perks, such a paid vacation, if they can reach a larger audience.

Gautam Saini, vice president of marketing for digital marketing at ad agency Cravath, said his agency recently launched a $200 marketing campaign that targeted new users of its Facebook page.

It targeted new and existing Facebook fans, with the goal of reaching as many as possible.

The campaign paid $200 per month for 30 days.

“We’re going with the most loyal Facebook fans that are going to use it and it’s going to be awesome,” Sainif said.