Utah Gov.

Jon Huntsman is running for president in 2020.

He won reelection last November by a margin of nearly 10 points, according to exit polls.

It was a stunning victory that was fueled in part by the Utahns’ digital savvy.

In a bid to become the first Mormon governor to be elected to office by a state in the nation with no online voter registration, Huntsman decided to take advantage of Utahns digital savvy and make a splash with an announcement to launch a digital marketing campaign.

In fact, he called out the state’s largest online retailer for not doing enough to boost its digital presence.

But a recent survey by Utahns Digital Marketing Association (MDMA) shows that digital marketing was a huge part of Huntsman’s success in 2016, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

The survey revealed that Huntsman had a 91% approval rating with Utahns over the past two years.

He had a 99% approval with Utahans as a whole in 2016.

And he did it all while using the state as a platform to sell his vision of Utah as a destination for growth.

The governor also made a big splash with a Facebook Live video of his first inauguration speech.

The video was an eye-opener for many, especially those who didn’t have a chance to see it in person because of the closed-door inauguration.

It was Huntsman who made the video available on Facebook Live.

The campaign that Huntsmen ran, Digital Utah, was a hit.

By the end of the year, the state had become the second-most visited website in the country.

That number is expected to grow even more in the coming years, with Huntsman pushing digital sales aggressively in Utah.

Digital marketing helped Huntsman win the presidency, according a report by the Salt Lake Tribune.

It also gave him the support of the state Legislature, which he also controlled.

He was able to pass a series of measures that helped Utahns businesses prosper, including the Digital Utah Act, which created a digital advertising commission and expanded digital marketing efforts.

Digital marketers can help businesses grow, and Utahns could use digital marketing as well.

It’s a key element in Utah’s growing economy, according the Utah Digital Marketing Alliance, which advocates for the digital marketing industry in the state.

“We’re all looking for the next big thing,” said Brandon Hensley, MDMA President.

“If digital is a thing that can help you with marketing, you should definitely consider using it.

We’re excited to see what comes out of Digital Utah in the future.”

The digital marketing revolution has been a long time coming for Utahns.

Huntsman, a Democrat, made history in 2016 when he won his second term in office.

He has also been very active in promoting the state of Utah’s digital economy, helping to push a number of initiatives including the digital marketplace, Digital Business and Innovation Center, Utah Digital Marketplace, Digital Tax Credits, Digital Tourism and Utah Digital Technology Initiative.

Huntsmans leadership on the digital economy has been praised for being a major factor in Utahs economic recovery and growth.

Huntsman is expected by many to run for president again in 2020, and he has said he wants to see Utahs economy grow faster than any other state in America.

Huntersman has made it clear that he believes Utahns economy can be a strong engine for economic growth.

He’s also said that digital growth is one of the most critical parts of his administration’s platform to grow the state economy.

Huntingman said he sees Utahns success in digital marketing being the next major catalyst to help the state grow.

“Utahns digital marketing is a huge opportunity to bring more businesses and consumers into the state,” he said.

“And we’re working to develop more innovative ways for Utahs citizens to engage with businesses.”

Huntsmen was elected in 2016 after winning by more than 11 percentage points in the popular vote and winning a majority of the statewide vote.

He is the only Mormon governor in the United States to be an elected official, and his win was seen as a victory for LGBT equality.