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‘We’re a little bit late to the party’: A former US secretary of state who served as secretary of defense for a decade says the United States is still too slow to change the way it deals with cyberattacks.

He’s joined by The Associated Press to discuss.


‘A lot of the stuff we’re talking about is so mundane’: The CEO of a US company that sells personal protection software has resigned in protest over the Trump administration’s efforts to crack down on hackers.

His company, Cybersecurity First, says it is “not a partisan company,” and that it does not engage in political campaigning.


‘This is the biggest problem in our lives’: A British politician says he was “hurt” to learn that the US is not “totally ready” to deal with cyberattack, and says that a lack of funding is causing a major “recession” for Britain.


‘I am tired of being told I’m too old’: A young woman who was told she was too old to vote in Alabama says she has changed her mind.

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous because she fears retaliation, says she believes “that my body is a lot older than the age of the person that has told me I’m old.”


‘The only reason I’m here’: A new study finds that Americans don’t want to invest in new technology, and are worried about its effects on their quality of life.


‘There are too many people at the top’: US President Donald Trump said he wants to make America the “most successful” in the world, but his budget cuts could mean the opposite.


‘No one’s ever tried to do anything’: Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he’s “trying to be a bit more proactive” in tackling climate change, but he says that it’s too early to tell if he can be successful.


‘Who’s in charge?’: US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is being criticized for his role in a controversial climate change deal that included a $1.4 trillion cut to the United Nations’ budget.


‘People are dying’: An Ebola survivor says she is struggling with her decision to leave the US for Liberia.


‘It’s not about me’: A woman says she had sex with two men before she contracted Ebola, but she is not convinced she contracted the disease from one.


‘Everyone has an opinion’: A US woman says that she has “never felt so ashamed” of her sexuality.


‘When I’m feeling down, I turn to alcohol’: The widow of a former US congressman says she “never drank to relax,” but has since changed her drinking habits.


‘How I felt’ : An Indian man says that he feels like “a ghost” as he is being investigated by US authorities.


‘Catch me if you can’: A retired judge says he has “no doubt” that President Donald J. Trump “has some serious problems” with his fitness for office, and that he needs to “re-examine the facts.”


‘You will be the first one to die’: A man who says he had sex as a young man says he is “shocked and sad” by the Trump Administration’s “shameful” decision to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.


‘Why am I a doctor?’

A woman who says she was abused by her mother says that her daughter “has a heart of gold.”


‘They killed me’: The wife of an alleged US whistleblower says her husband was killed because of the way he looked.


‘My child’s life will be taken’: A Florida woman says her two children were abducted from her care by her ex-husband’s former lover.


‘Trump is a psychopath’: A judge in Georgia says that President Trump’s alleged sexual assault of a woman at a New York City bar is a “psychopathic” attack that “hinders the lives of all of us.”


‘He is going to do the right thing’: A prominent US conservative says that Trump has become “a tyrant” after he threatened to take down the Confederate flag from the White House.


‘That is the real Donald Trump’: A South Carolina woman says “Trump is the monster” and says he “is going to take us back to slavery.”


‘America is at war’: President Donald Trumps decision to deploy the US Navy to the waters off the coast of Yemen has stirred debate about the relationship between the US and its allies.


‘What is going on?’: A mother of two says she and her children have been told by friends that her “loved ones” have been killed by an alleged Islamic extremist who killed her daughter in a shooting rampage in the United Arab Emirates.