People love reading ads on Facebook, but you can’t just copy and paste their words.

Facebook’s ad software has a whole new way to get your message across to them: it creates a digital image of a specific brand image that your brand can then use to promote your ad.

Facebook recently released a tool to make it easier to create digital images of brand images for the social network, and the site is rolling out the new tool today.

The new ad-generation tool is just the latest in a long line of Facebook’s efforts to make its social network more appealing to marketers.

Facebook has long been known for creating and monetizing a large number of original ads, and it is increasingly turning to the digital ad-sales industry for more creative ways to reach a wider audience.

It also has made a concerted effort to engage with brands on the platform.

For example, Facebook recently launched a partnership with advertising agency Crain’s that aims to help advertisers sell ads more effectively on Facebook.

And Facebook is also working to increase the amount of engagement it can get from brand owners through its new “brand community” feature.

Facebook is now looking to reach out to brands by creating and then running ad campaigns with a group of like-minded people.

The new tool will allow brands to create a brand community to show off their products, services, and brands to each other and to Facebook followers.

The digital image that Facebook creates will then be used to promote Facebook content.

Facebook will then use the image in an ad that will be displayed on the page of the brand.

“As you’ll see from the ad, the image has been tweaked to show a very specific picture of a particular brand image,” Facebook’s marketing manager, Rob Boulware, wrote in an update on the tool.

“This image is used to connect with the audience, to show brand authenticity, and to help users find and discover the product or service of their choice.”