On Tuesday, Google announced the next version of its digital advertising platform, a mobile-first, mobile-focused version of AdWords.

Google is launching AdWords Mobile, which it calls “the fastest-growing mobile advertising platform” in its history.

Google has been experimenting with mobile-optimized versions of its AdWords platform, which has seen tremendous success on Android phones.

Google says AdWords will be available on both Android and iOS.

Google announced Tuesday that it will allow developers to build their own ad-serving apps and apps for both Android devices and iOS devices.

Google wants to get its mobile-driven AdWords app onto as many devices as possible, so developers can take advantage of its mobile features.

The next version, Android AdWords for Android, will be made available in April.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai told The Wall Street Journal that the mobile version of Google AdWords is “very ambitious,” but he declined to elaborate on how many users will see the new mobile version.

The company’s goal is to have AdWords available on all Android devices, including the Nexus phones.

Pichais also told the Journal that Google is not targeting a particular platform for the mobile-based version of the platform, but the company is exploring other platforms.

The new mobile AdWords product is the second of Google’s new mobile advertising products.

The first version, which was launched in March, launched on Google Play, but has since been removed from the store.

Google first announced its mobile advertising product back in November of last year, when it announced the Google Ads SDK.

Google’s mobile advertising SDK allows developers to create apps for Android devices that work with Google’s AdWords ad-hosting platform.

Google also has a separate ad-blocking SDK that allows developers create apps that block ads from third-party apps and sites, as well as ads from Google-owned apps and services.

Google and its partners are working on a second mobile-oriented version of ad-writing platform, called AdWords Next, which will be offered in June.

The Next version of Android Adwords is a “completely mobile-friendly” app, said Google’s chief marketing officer Eric Schulze, according to a report by The Verge.

Schulz also said the Next version will be completely free.

Scholze also said that the next mobile-only version of “AdWords Next” will have an Android app store, as Google has announced previously.

The future of Google Ads, though, remains in question.

The ad-making platform’s future has been in doubt since the company launched its Android app in 2012, which didn’t work as advertised, as the app only allowed for text ads, no photo ads, and no links to other apps.

As Google continues to experiment with mobile Adwords, there are concerns that the platform is becoming a stagnant platform that can’t compete with the more advanced digital advertising platforms that are out there.

The problem, in other words, is that it’s not really clear that Google has done enough to improve the AdWords experience on mobile phones, which are widely used for web browsing and mobile advertising.

This is something that Google recently said it will do to try and address the issue.

It recently launched an AdWords mobile app called Adwords Mobile, a “very exciting, exciting opportunity” for advertisers, according a post on Google’s website.

It added that “mobile ads have become a much more common part of our daily life than ever before.”