Mexico City, Mexico – A city mayor has called for a ban on the use of digital advertising to target citizens and their families, saying it is a form of advertising that “sends the wrong message” to the public.

President Enrique Pena Nieto’s administration has been cracking down on media in recent months, and in recent weeks has sought to ban some types of digital media and advertising, including the use in local and state elections of mobile advertising.

Pena Nieto’s comments, made at a press conference, come after he had called for the ban of digital adverts in his May 21 state of the nation address, saying the country should have no more than three days of advertising during a presidential election.

“I am calling on all political parties, political parties that are active in Mexico, to stop using digital advertising in their campaigns,” he said.

“I will not allow them to use digital advertising during the presidential election.”

Pena Nicanor said the campaign of his predecessor, Felipe Calderon, was a success in the election.

“It was a great success.

I am proud of this success,” he added.

Para Nieto, a former mayor, said he would like to see a national ban on digital advertising and said it was a form “of advertising that sends the wrong messages” to Mexicans.

“Digital advertising is a propaganda weapon.

It sends the message that the people are not interested in what we have to say, that the media is not interested,” Pena Nicano said.”

It sends the impression that we are not good people.

We are not smart enough to be trusted, and that is why we are in this war.”

Para Nicaner’s comments come as the Trump administration has taken steps to crack down on political ads that are seen as potentially influencing voters, such as the use by US Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the last presidential election in 2016.

The US government also has tried to crack back on digital ad-buying and the use to promote political candidates.

The new campaign launched by Pena Negra Nacional de Digital (MN Digital), which was launched last month, also calls for an overhaul of Mexico’s political advertising.

The MN Digital campaign includes measures to restrict digital advertising, with the campaign saying it will take the following steps:1.

Stop the use and sale of digital ads to target Mexicans’ families and households.2.

Restrict the use for the campaign and campaign candidates of digital and other advertising mediums.3.

Require that candidates, candidates and parties spend at least 25% of their campaign spending on digital media.4.

Requite candidates, campaigns and political parties to submit reports on digital ads before the end of the campaign, and submit them to the relevant government agency by the end-of-campaign deadline.5.

Requicate parties to ensure that candidates and candidates’ digital ad spend is limited to 30% of the candidate’s campaign spending and to report their digital ad spending to the government agency.6.

Requide that candidates pay taxes on digital spending.7.

Requiring candidates to pay taxes for digital advertising.8.

Requirement for candidates to report digital ad expenditures to the electoral commission.9.

Requisite reporting by all candidates, parties, candidates, and candidates campaigns, as well as candidates and political campaigns on their digital ads.10.

Requist candidates from using the use digital ad for political advertising during campaign activities.11.

Required candidates to register with the MN Digital website.12.

Requests for candidates’ data to be stored in digital format.13.

Requisites for reporting digital ad spends.14.

Requisitions for the registration of digital advertisers and advertisers’ data.15.

Requiries for the election of MN Digital candidates.