A4d Marketing Digital, the online music marketing service, has doubled in the past five years.

The service has about 5,000 paying members and is the largest paid membership of any music service on the market.

It has seen a 25 per cent growth in membership over the past two years.

About $400 million in revenue from its music service is being spent on marketing each month, according to A4ds chief marketing officer Chris O’Sullivan.

“It’s not just a single service, it’s a partnership between all the services,” said O’Brien.

The company is also using its own digital advertising platform to help promote its music business.

The digital strategy of the service has more people engaged in it, O’Sullivans said.

“We’re working with all of the partners on what we need to do in terms of content, how we promote it, and marketing that is integrated into the marketing process,” he said.

The music business in Canada is undergoing a transformation, as people become more digital savvy, he said, and it’s also become a bigger and more lucrative business.

“The music business is really growing, it really is,” said David O’Byrne, vice president and general manager at A4D Marketing Digital.

“But we’ve got to think about the content, we’ve had to change, we’re looking at the marketing strategies of the music business and I think we’ve come a long way in the last five years.”

In 2016, music accounted for almost half of all revenue for A4s online business, O-Sullivan said.

He said the service is working to make it more accessible and engaging to people.

“It’s about creating more of a connection with our users, to make sure we reach them and they can connect with the music and the music industry and get involved,” he added.

It’s also a matter of being more creative about how we market the music.

“One of the things we’re really focusing on is how do we engage with our customers, make them feel comfortable and engaged in the way we do it, so they’re going to buy from us, and we’re going see that translate into more engagement and more sales,” he told CBC News.

O’ Sullivan said the company is working with some big names in the music community to ensure the service stays relevant.

“You can’t underestimate the impact of music in our business,” he noted.