Digital marketing is the most effective marketing channel in Arizona.

But ScottsDOT says it needs to get out ahead of its competition, too.

Here are some things you need know about the digital marketing landscape in the Valley.


The Arizona Digital Marketing Summit will bring together digital marketers from across the state and the nation.

In the first such gathering in the state, the conference will take place at the Scotts Valley Regional Airport, where Arizona State University and Arizona State Parks will be hosting the conference.

“It will be a fun day to be at Scotts’ newest airport, and we will also have a couple of great speakers from our conference,” said ScottsDay festival director Chris Boesch.


The Summit’s first speaker is Arizonans for a Safer Arizona, a coalition of businesses, unions, nonprofits, community organizations and advocacy groups.

The group was founded by Arizonan Jason Bussard and includes the Valley Chamber of Commerce, Valley Chamber, Valley Council, Valley Alliance, Valley Business Association, Valley Regional Chamber of Industry, Valley Labor Council, Southern Arizona Medical Association, Southern Nevada Chamber of Labor, Southwest Valley Business Coalition, Valley Food & Restaurant Association and more.


The first keynote speaker is Steve Hester, CEO of Scotts Day, an Arizona-based digital marketing company.

He’ll be joined by other industry leaders, including Scotts DIA President John Vladeck and CEO of Arizona-area social media and video platform Buffer and Arizonastrong, a Phoenix-based social media marketing platform.


The second keynote speaker will be Arizona’s own digital marketing icon, Arizona’s first-ever state Digital Marketing Chair, and Arizona’s Digital Marketing Commissioner, ArizCmte.

Arizonas digital marketing chair, Jason Boescha, will also be there.

The chair will be Mark Schmitt, a partner at the tech firm Zuckerman & Meehan, and former head of the digital advertising and marketing department at the National Association of Manufacturers.


The third keynote speaker, Arizona State’s digital marketing coordinator, Jason McKean, will be there as well.

“I can’t wait to get started, to get to work with all the top leaders in digital marketing,” he said.

“We’re going to talk about what we do, how we work, how it’s integrated into our brand, what it means to us as consumers, how to improve our campaigns and marketing practices, and what we need to do to get our message out to Arizona consumers.”


The conference will be held in Scotters Valley Regional Business Center, a hotel-like setting that houses the state’s largest and oldest digital marketing conference.

There, attendees can meet with industry leaders and other attendees and learn how digital marketing is being used across the Valley, as well as how to leverage its success for your business.

It will be open to all Arizona businesses, not just tech companies, but also healthcare professionals, small businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, religious institutions, civic organizations and others.

It’s open to the public.

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