The next Google docs competitor will be a digital healthcare product, according to the search giant.

Google’s Docs platform will be one of a handful of offerings in the marketplace that can stream videos to a connected TV, projector, computer or smartphone, according the company’s executive director of product strategy, Dan Levin.

That includes video chat, voice-based chat and video calls that can be controlled by the users.

“Docs is an excellent fit for Google,” Levin said at the company, referring to Google’s data storage and retrieval company.

Google is already offering its Docs product for free.

The new product will also include a video player that will stream content to the users’ smart TVs and smart devices.

That will allow users to control their devices via voice commands, such as the one that could be used for voice-enabled video calls, according of Levin.

Google has been expanding its video and audio capabilities to more devices.

It recently launched a new feature called “Voice Search,” which lets users search for content on YouTube and other video sites by voice command.

“Google will continue to support video and voice search on Docs and its existing video platform,” Levin added.

The Google Doc program is available for consumers to use for free, according a company spokesperson.

“We are excited to be able to offer consumers the best video experience and audio in the industry,” said Kevin Killebrew, VP of product management for the Google Doc project.

The company has long said that it plans to expand its video offerings, which are used by millions of users around the world.

Google also announced a new product last year that will make it easier to stream video from Google Doc to a smartphone or tablet, and it is also launching an audio feature in the near future.

The Docs video chat platform is also one of the first products to integrate Google’s Google Cloud Messaging service, which allows users to send and receive encrypted video chats with other users in real time.