The University of Tennessee’s online marketing program, which was shut down in February 2018, offered several courses in its “Digital Marketing Academy” program, and it is now being offered again.

The UTS Digital Marketing Academy has been offered for a year, but was not offered at the same time as the University of Nashville’s online program, according to UTS spokesperson John D’Antonio.

D’Antio told News 3 that it was possible the online program was still being offered at both universities.

“We do not have information on the current status of the UTS Academy, but our staff is continuing to work with the Nashville campus to see if there is any way to re-launch the UTA program, including bringing the Nashville program back to the Uts Academy,” D’Anonio said.

The Nashville program was shuttered in February.

It’s not clear what happened with the Uta program.

UTA was not immediately available for comment.

Digital marketing, or online marketing, is a new way to reach potential customers.

It uses the internet to create digital content, then deliver it to consumers through websites and social media.

It also offers online courses that give students a better understanding of digital marketing.

Digital marketers have been in demand as digital advertising agencies, advertising executives and retailers seek ways to reach their customers in new ways.

Diversity is a priority for colleges and universities across the country, said Stephanie Trowbridge, president of the National Association of College and University Marketing Directors.

Diverse students and faculty are essential to making this a thriving digital marketing industry, she said.